Getting Ready!

Starting next Monday we are lucky enough to have another teacher join our class for six weeks! We’re excited to be learning with another teacher so¬†we’ve been preparing for her arrival all morning. Hopefully she will have all she needs to feel comfortable and ready to teach and learn with the Legendary Legends!


Each student signed up for a creation task.
And then they…
created a large map of the most important places she’ll need to find while she’s here
set up a tour to take her around
made a brochure of all the places she should go while she’s in the Philippines
decided on some getting-to-know-you activities for Monday morning
tidied up a large desk area in the room for her, complete with a desk plate and pencil holder!
collected email addresses/phone numbers of teachers so she can get in touch with people while she’s here
wrote a welcome note
made a large poster
wrote a list to fill her in on the learning we’re knee deep in right now
created a special calendar and daily schedule so she can stay organized
collaborated to complete it all.

photo 5 (7) photo 1 (24) photo 2 (21)


photo (57)


photo 3 (19) photo 4 (14)photo 5 (9)photo 4 (17)photo 3 (21)

photo 2 (24)

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