Class discussion about rude words

Last week Student Council was tackling the problem of inappropriate words written on the PE white boards on the field and heard around ES. We came up with a list of solutions to help students deal with these types of situations.

  • move the white boards into the Preschool area during recess
  • remove the markers
  • cover the boards
  • put up a CCTV or even a fake camera!
  • have a discussion with your parents about language that is allowed at home vs. at school
  • ignore the┬áperson
  • walk away
  • give reminders to the person to use appropriate language
  • focus on positive language (“Please use appropriate language” vs. “You’re not allowed to say that.” “Please don’t say that word” is also nice.)
  • ask the person to stop
  • involve an adult
  • try not to make a big deal out of it; instead give a gentle reminder then move on
  • explain that the language used makes you feel uncomfortable
  • ask teachers to be listening in and monitoring language
  • make a poster to display reminding people to use appropriate language

Can you think of anything else to add to our list?

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