Communication Systems




We were invited to attendĀ the PTA Cultural Show before the April break, and it was a great opportunity to begin tuning into our new Unit Work. (Not to mention a great showcase of PTA talent!) We made a mind map together of all the things we noticed and were wondering about from the show. photo 5 (11)

Today each student took a smaller version of the mind map and began deciding on ways these words could be categorized. It was up to each child how many categories to create, whether words could belong to more than one category, and if colour-coding, circling, underlining, or listing words would be the best way to organize his or herĀ 2 (27) photo 1 (29) photo 1 (30) photo 2 (28) photo 3 (23) photo 4 (19)


The students really showed flexibility in their thinking and made a lot of connections between concepts and big ideas. Each student also took ownership over the classification as they were responsible for being creative and coming up with their own personal categories. They’ve truly opened their minds to so many different paths that our inquiry into Communication Systems might take!

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